>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g>>>>>t;"You are sitting on your only real asset." Craig Franklin to Regina Russell, out to dinner in Los Angeles


Craig used to joke he would force people to finally listen to his singing by having Quik Glue poured over the seats at his funeral, which would be three hours featuring him playing the guitar and singing.  We laughed.  He was probably serious.

After our divorce he began casting about for more effective ways to bring the genius of his musical talent to the attention of the world, especially the world comprising females no older than 30 but, preferably around 12.  More on this later. 

His first venture into the world of professional music was on My Space.  

Then, he had a stunning insight.  He had money to burn, having conspired with Green Hills Software, Inc., to defraud Dan O'Dowd's partner of his rightful property, and me of mine. 

So he started Romantic Realist Records.  It has shrunk somewhat over the years, but rest assured, Craig's ego has not followed this trend. 

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