>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g>>>>>t;"You are sitting on your only real asset." Craig Franklin to Regina Russell, out to dinner in Los Angeles


The statements below are made without intention to deceive and declared to be true under penalty of perjury.  - Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Beginning in 1985 Craig, to whom I was then engaged, began to request he be allowed to adopt all of my children.  I was hesitant until their biological father, my estranged husband, was caught paying our two daughters, then 11 and 12, to manicure marijuana for him.  

While I am pro-legalization I always made a point of following the law.  I was very serious  about ensuring my children did so as well. 

Craig directly negotiated the transfer of parental rights from Ron Foster (AKA Kellett) to himself.  To accomplish this, since money was tight, Craig suggested Ron cede his rights by notarized document HERE, and three days later he named the children as his natural heirs in a witnessed will.  

These events took place in 1989, when the kids were still very young.  They viewed Craig as their father because Craig told them he was their father, introduced them to everyone as their father, and so named them in every instance.  Ron was no longer in their lives. 

Craig used to say he was the only person in his family who earned an honest living.  His father, Dr. Carl Franklin, and his two brothers, Sterling Craig Franklin, and Lawrence Craig Franklin,  are attorneys.  Craig knows the law.  I didn't.   

At the time I had no idea Craig's sexual fantasies focused on incest.  If I had known, I would never have as much as shaken hands with him. 

In 1998 Craig, having decided to leave me, with the assistance of Dan O'Dowd and other officers of Green Hills Software, Inc., entered into a conspiracy to deny me a marital share in the stock options which had been issued to Craig the year before.  Craig, in return, organized the officers and employees of GHS to ensure Glen Hightower, O'Dowd's partner, could not prevail in exercising his right to buy Dan out.  For the documents which tell the story go to Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software.

Arthur had suffered a severe brain injury on September 27, 1997.  This was probably one of the pivotal events leading to Craig's decision to leave me and take everything not nailed down with him.  

The person who assisted him, finding Jacqueline Misho to handle the divorce, was Morgan Pillsbury Gell.   You can read about her, if you like.  Have a barf bag at the ready. 

Craig and Morgan took Misho into the family home, allowing her to rifle through my personal papers in early January 1998.By early March, 1998 I had survived two heart attacks, not unexpected since two of my siblings had died of heart attacks and my younger sibling had had open heart surgery.  

Jacqueline is infamous in legal circles and known as 'The Orc," featured in the Alimony Comedy Tour by John Cleese.  Misho represented Cleese's wife. 

What kind of a person assists someone whose intention is destroying their mother?  What kind of a woman enters into an incestuous relationship with the man who adopted her? 

Craig saw Arthur only once after he left me.  On this occasion he asked me to bring him down so the two of them could have lunch together.  Arthur was struggling with his many disabilities and pivoting on deep depression.  

Later, I learned Craig used the opportunity only to persuade him he could not be happy living with me.  Death, he told him would be better.

On March 22, 1998 Arthur shot himself through the brain, the bullet entering through the mouth.  

No one expected him to survive.  I was at his bedside constantly.  

Morgan called me up while I was at the hospital to tell me she was having 'heart problems' and needed Arthur's heart  in an attempt to get me to go along with the suggestion of the physicians we turn off the machines keeping Arthur alive.  

Morgan will do anything for money.  Remember that, if you evern have the bad luck of running across her.  

I refused.  Arthur lived by the Grace of God.  

After years of rehabilitation today he can walk with the use of a cane.  He sings in our church choir and finds joy in a deep, personal relationship with Christ.  He is entirely blind in one eye and mostly blind in the other eye.  But we are still working for recovery. 

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