>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g>>>>>t;"You are sitting on your only real asset." Craig Franklin to Regina Russell, out to dinner in Los Angeles


The movie, Craig Franklin's Tea Party of a Libertine, is a fast moving, pithy satire which used the astonishing life course of Craig Franklin, formerly Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc., to expose the shocking, but hilarious, scheming of the elite of Greedville as they continue their attempts to take over the world.  

Through the thoroughly disgusting behavior of Franklin, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, John Fund and multitudes of their minions, including the Duke of Manchester and some genuine rednecks, the accelerating film shows you how simple the business plan for Greedville really is.  

Once you really understand who they really are - fear is impossible.  But contempt, derision, and various other reactions become exponential.  Think of it as a moment of spontaneous reordering. 

Below we outline some of the stories which are included in the script, now being written. 

Real Life - Stranger than Fiction

From the Life of Craig Franklin, legend in his own mind.  

His wife declared she was going out to let him cool down.  Outraged, Craig ran out to the car and removed the gas cap.  Melinda glanced at him, puzzled, as she got into the car and drove off, his figure shrinking into the distance in the rear view mirror. 

Craig walked back to the house, a puzzled expression on his face.

At the dining room table Melinda's former husband was having visitation with the children he had allowed Craig to adopt.  The game had paused, briefly, to watch the scene taking place outside.

"How did she start the car when there was no gas cap?"  Craig asked Ron, who though no mechanic was sometimes able to fix his own car. 

The children, ages eight to 13, stared at Craig, then turned to look at Ron, waiting for his response. They all knew why the car had no problem starting. 

Craig had then been working for Green Hills Software, Inc., as Senior Vice President of Advanced Products Development for three years.

Ron covered his eyes with his hand, and sighed. 

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