>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g>>>>>t;"You are sitting on your only real asset." Craig Franklin to Regina Russell, out to dinner in Los Angeles

Saturday, October 27, 2012

So Where's the Movie?

This site is a reality mirror for this site,  Craig Franklin's Tea Party, Craig Franklin, 'former' Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc.  Instead of 'former,' read this 'relocated,' rest assured Craig is still very much a part of the GHS's highly centralized and controlled family.  Think very short chain of command.  Those actually controlling the corporation could fit in a phone booth.  

Craig lost his posh corner office, decorated with a bed like the one below, which was often used without the consent of the other party, and along with his other 'stuff' was forced to remove his statue of Ayn Rand.  He now resides in the area between San Diego and Orange County, amusing himself and, most likely, working from there. 

There was never going to be a Tea Party sort of Movement, where people effectively worked to enact change, though I am sure Craig planned to have gigantic rallies where he strummed his stuff.

What Craig really had in mind was more is better expressed by the picture above.  I wonder if he took the couch with him?