>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g>>>>>t;"You are sitting on your only real asset." Craig Franklin to Regina Russell, out to dinner in Los Angeles


A short explanation of how we got here

Our problem is not a group of evil people, plotting to control the world. It is a business model we call “Greedville.”

“Greedville” represents a town of around 100,000 individuals, the size of Santa Barbara, California. This is the number of individuals who “rule the world” through the Greedville Business Plan.

The Greedville Business Model built a perpetual stream of income for this small group of individuals. Not surprisingly, they think it is the most important innovation in human history and are persuaded they deserve their riches.

Keeping Greedville working depends on enforcing a monopoly position through the use of government policy, coercion, and violence, directed at Americans and those living in other countries.

Institutions are human tools. We willingly pay for courts and government because we commonly believe it is essential to reduce conflict and protect the rights of all. We intended these to be reliably dispassionate and objective, delivering justice and fair dealing to all.


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